6 January Haiku

a crow picking light
from yesterday’s chips,
this winter morning

soft tears again
for this unknown grief –
the silhouttes of crows

another long day
not finding the words –
blackbird song at dusk

dark green reeds
in the icegrey water
a duck ripples

across the river
in the dun coloured grasses
a white football

snowy morning –
the tails of three magpies
flicking sunlight

6 Haiku from a Writing Class

shadows of bin on
brown slats of fence
an old leaf turns in the sunlight

cafe writing on the Royal Mile –
sunlight on a white convertible,
on cobbles

milky light
slats cross the window
tail of a sleeping cat

brushing the sand off my feet
I watch my footprints
return to the sea

silver waves
on molten rock
after the meditation bell

poem writing
beneath this skylark song
the scratch of last year’s heather

6 One Line Haiku

nothing but the way the light drifts down the river rippling fish

flying above the reflection of a seagull – a seagull

dead-heading daffodils the look in the eye of the frog

silhouettes of trees before moonrise the hoot of an owl

mist rising through the hawthorn berries bullfinch song

cold April wind a daffodil curls back into itself