6 American Sentences from July

a pine above the car park first the male and then the female blackbird

cyclists in lycra all along the towpath the scent of cow parsley

late sunlight on the surface of the canal the splash of a swallow

red spots on a yellow leaf beside the bramble flowers, lit by sun

bird seed, pigeons and a pair of jackdaws in Bathgate, Sunday morning

Whitburn Cross roadworks again and again the swoop of a house martin

6 Winter American Sentences

wild red streaks on a pastel sky hang over Lidl, for the bagels

wind biting down by the river sunlight on the wing tips of a gull

mud frozen hard the path a cloud of steam rising round an old man’s head

across the street blue xmas lights flash a moth in the slats of the blind

his eyes droop against the way the rain runs down the window, morning train

too cold for sketching the line of oystercatchers suddenly rising