When does a year begin?

For me it is this day, when the sun is finally shining and you walk out in hope because surely they must be here by now, and even though it’s not much of a surprise,

even though it’s become something of a ritual for you, this watching for them, waiting,

still –

I’m not sure there is anything more lovely, more hope-giving, than the sight of these wee flowers poking up their heads through the mud, and rough ground, and glinting in the sun.

4 Replies to “Welcoming the Snowdrops

  1. One of my own rituals, when I log on after spells offline, is to pop over here and see what you’ve been up to, hoping, I must confess, to see which fresh new blog theme you’re currently using. It’s my weird version of snowdrop anticipation; your writing and photos inspire me after long breaks away from the laptop, but I also enjoy the seasons here, how you keep shedding skins, evolving, searching for clean themes that enhance but don’t detract from your photos and words, themes which resonate with who you are today. You and I both have our retreats and returns, but your resilience and creativity keep flourishing like your much loved snowdrops.

    This is a lovely post and the photos are breathtaking.

    • Thanks Janice, for your kind attention. I fear my playing around is actually driven by a deep-rooted sense of dissatisfaction that I can’t get past… perhaps I need to cyber-hybernate again for a little while and resume when the path is a bit clearer – or the days a bit brighter!

  2. Please let me know if it would help you to have input from a reader who visits for the Zen feel and gallery-like peace and aesthetics of the site as well as your words and photos. I’ve been visiting since the Thesis days of Confident Writing and have enjoyed all but a couple of the last seven or eight themes you’ve tried out.

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