The Blue Hour

I was learning about the blue hour this week.

The blue hour

is the period of twilight each morning and evening when the Sun is a significant distance below the horizon and the residual, indirect sunlight takes on a predominantly blue hue

Down at the Forth shore in December the day felt blue even at lunchtime,

but then again it is so often blue down here, the space and the shore and the river light all playing off each other and merging into not much more than blue,

which is one of the reasons I like to head down here when I can, just to mooch, just to look at the sky and the shore and the absence of stuff,

and even if the light is low I am still grateful that it is not chucking it down with rain, and that although I have to work in an office my job is flexible enough that at some points in the week I can duck away in time to catch what little is left of the light, and just walk along the shore, and let the soft blue light do its work of seeing off the winter blues.

2 thoughts on “The Blue Hour”

  1. This was a lovely surprise! Just found the email alert in my inbox. I saw ‘Blue Hour’ and expected bluebells, but this was a real eye-opener. I’d never heard of or noticed the ‘blue hour’ here in Scotland but I will now. Raising a coffee mug to your liminal return!

    1. Thanks Janice, it was an old post that WordPress decided to publish randomly when I took the wraps off the site. The light is always interesting down at the Forth. It’s sometimes a bit flat, bleak and industrial, but kind of compelling too. Perhaps a bit like Scotland!

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