The benefits of practice are not, for me, to get to Carnegie Hall.

It’s not excellence I’m seeking but the familiarity of practice:

Even in times of change and upheaval


you find it’s what you wander out in search of even when you’d rather not

the cuckooflower

realise that the noticing has become deep ingrained, a part of your routine, and a part of what you must do to re-establish it

ribwort plantain

simply, part of who you now are, and what you will always take with you.

like a dream

(Reflections on moving, and the gift of macro photography as a core part of my practice.

Thanks for all the good wishes – the move went as smoothly as these things possibly can, and we’ve been blessed with sunshine for the first week of being here!)

2 Replies to “The Benefits of Practice

  1. What can I say – such stunning photos! I can almost feel you holding your breath as you took these.

    This post reminded me of so many of my favourite quotes from Katherine Mansfield’s letters and journals. Her life and writing practice were so inextricably woven, both filled with her overflowing delight in and desire to capture and share life’s details, the life IN the details. Hers was the first voice I studied at uni that made the writer in me want to shout Yes! Yours is one of the blogs that makes me glad to be back online and resonating.

  2. Butterfly season is breath-taking indeed. Thanks for the reference to Katherine Mansfield… I will need to explore a bit further. When so much is digital and all news is rolling, breaking, I can get a strong sense of unreality… these moments, these details make the days seem more textured somehow, if that makes sense.

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