Sometimes the time feels full of contradictions.

Half way through the year, the summer has hardly got started, yet here we already past the longest day.

Half way through the year and in the gap between finishing a job and starting a new one the time ahead feels richer, thicker, and full of possibility.

I hold the hope of things unfolding.

Switch on the news and waves of unspeakable, impossible, come rushing at you. Even as you try and hear the words of grace, forgiveness, the state of the world so often seems perilous, and dark.

Photography can seem like a foolish pursuit in times like this but then again each time I’ve had that thought a voice inside my head responds that it would be more foolish still to stop and that bending down to notice, to bear witness, to sing a song of praise however soft –

it makes some kind of difference, even though I know not what.

4 Replies to “Telling the Time

  1. Such lovely macro images! I feel like it makes a difference. I know it makes a difference in my life when I’m grateful and full of praise for the beauty of nature.

    • That’s such a good point about the difference that gratitude makes. Thank you for the reminder Cathy, for I know it does, to me, and somehow to what I’m noticing too (though I couldn’t really put that into words!)

  2. Joanna, I have been having exactly the same thoughts of late. I feel flippant, as if I should be doing something ‘useful’, ‘helpful’….something to solve all these problems in the world, instead of taking photos. But I do believe it makes a difference, each one of us, step by little step.

    • I believe it does too Jane, though sometimes it does feel indulgent. (Only to me, if anyone else suggested it about their own approach I’d be able to refute it no problem!) A world without noticing, gratitude, wonder, beauty, art, going slowly wouldn’t be much of a world – I try and hold on to the mantra of ‘being the change you wish to see’ (however hard it might sometimes be).

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