Behind the Glass

I have been in the house all week. The combination of a dislocated shoulder and days of snow and ice have kept me on the inside, looking out, behind the glass. For once I am not missing it, the outside. The fear of falling has made me glad to be indoors, and I have plenty […]

6 January Haiku

a crow picking light from yesterday’s chips, this winter morning soft tears again for this unknown grief – the silhouttes of crows another long day not finding the words – blackbird song at dusk dark green reeds in the icegrey water a duck ripples across the river in the dun coloured grasses a white football […]

The Light of this Day

One of the biggest gifts of photography, for me, is that it teaches me to notice and appreciate the light. The way it falls, the way it moves and changes, the way it throws shadows, and the way it illuminates. I find when I try and think back on a year I am taken instead […]

What a Gift

Boots. Ice grippers to stop me from falling. A path from my door that leads to a nature reserve in a disused quarry. Ten minutes walk, and no need to drive on ice. Blue skies, and brilliant sunshine. A camera that fits in my pocket. It being Sunday morning. The thickness of the frost, hanging […]

Caught By A Rainbow

The days in December have been dark, and wet. We haven’t had the inconvenience of ice and snow, and for this our commuting selves are grateful, but the absence of sunlight, of any kind of light, can get to you after a while, and leave you staring at the sky, and at the hour by […]

A Touch of Frost

The weather has been turning. After weeks of gentle sunshine, autumn shook itself into winter with winds and rain. Suddenly the trees are bare, silhouette gorgeous, and reminding me again how much I love the aesthetics of winter, if not the absence of light. Yesterday we had a first scattering of snow, and the leaves […]

The Edge of the Flowers

The early autumn here has been beautiful, weeks and weeks it feels like of dry sunny weather, and all the light we didn’t get in the summer. Warm too – last Sunday, the first of November, I was picnicking on the side of a hill in jeans and t-shirt! I confess though, there’s something about […]

6 Winter American Sentences

wild red streaks on a pastel sky hang over Lidl, for the bagels wind biting down by the river sunlight on the wing tips of a gull mud frozen hard the path a cloud of steam rising round an old man’s head across the street blue xmas lights flash a moth in the slats of […]