Meanwhile the Wood

I ask question after unanswerable question as I walk.

Old familiar patterns of dead end quests for meaning, patterns, answers, purpose.

The search for a singular purpose

… is it secular or sacred, is it written or is it read, is it big meaning small meaning, is it my work is it teaching, is it worthwhile is it worthless,  is it images or words, is it poetry or prose, is it possible to get a sign just a hint of an answer… Continue reading “Meanwhile the Wood”

Woodland Trance

All comfort.

All strength

All softness

All renewal

All decay

All enduring

All rotting, slowly away.

All might

All magnificence

All majesty

All wonder

All carpet of oak leaves

Dankly darkly brown

All poetry

All breath of silence

All source

All peace

All knowing

All allowing not to know

All seeing

All forgiving

All invitation

All permission just to be

All dying

All born new every day

All death

All life

In the darkness of this damply rotting wood:

All comfort.