Beginner’s mind

sunlight on water the slow turn of a lotus flower Even in the hills, the pure stickiness of this afternoon: a trickle of sweat, so many clouds of flies, the pool at the centre of the garden the splashing of a blackbird. Samye Ling, August 2013

The Haar

It comes suddenly in my memory, rolling off the North Sea and catching us unawares. Although it has been known to move slowly and settle, blanketing the whole of a day, or an east coast town, it moves fast at the shore till we’re running and shrieking not just with cold but laughter at the […]

clover field

without might my words fall into love prayers of my heart pulsing in the flower meadow all clover woven round my insect watching without might you feel the summer laughter blowing in my hair, full free to be girl lying in the summerfield