A Sense of Belonging

I read something the other day that started me thinking about gratitude, and belonging. How we feel a sense of gratitude when we feel that we belong – and perhaps that we feel a greater sense of belonging when we cultivate gratitude. A sense of belonging is, for me, inextricably tied to the earth: feeling […]

clump of snowdrops dancing in sunlight

Welcoming the Snowdrops

When does a year begin? For me it is this day, when the sun is finally shining and you walk out in hope because surely they must be here by now, and even though it’s not much of a surprise, even though it’s become something of a ritual for you, this watching for them, waiting, […]


A bitter east wind, cutting the day. Fields, hard with a scattering of snow.
January has the earth in her grip.
First snowdrops bloom