Caught By A Rainbow

The days in December have been dark, and wet. We haven’t had the inconvenience of ice and snow, and for this our commuting selves are grateful, but the absence of sunlight, of any kind of light, can get to you after a while, and leave you staring at the sky, and at the hour by […]

The Opening

Perhaps it always only ever takes but a moment – Just the fraction of a moment for something to catch your eye: some movement in the trees, some fragment of poetry, some kindness in a stranger’s smile, some chord in a song, some way the light falls – And there it is again, that reminder, […]

Listening to What the Earth Says

Photography in the landscape by seeing what the earth wants to show you, listening to what the earth might be saying. A walk by the lagoons in Bathgate, and some poetic inspiration from William Stafford.

Like a Wave

Photography doesn’t need to be fleeting, mindless. It is perfectly possible to take photographs in a way that doesn’t make you more likely to forget, but rather: more likely to remember.