Some places are not everyday.

They are places of voyaging and adventure, of pilgrimage and retreat.

They are not (generally) available to us in an everyday kind of way – and nor perhaps should they be.

Practice is though.

There are practices that we can repeat in an everyday kind of way: here, there and everywhere.
The practices of:

  • Stepping outside, walking and wondering.
  • Keeping your eyes open, for possibility, and invitation.
  • Taking photographs to better learn from what you see.
  • Listening out for fragments of poems.
  • Letting the words tumble and fall till you find the phrase or the form for the essence of a moment, the magic of a minute drifting by.

It’s those practices that connect us:

To those places, to those moments, to each other, to ourselves.

It’s those practices that connect us back:

To the landscapes of the imagination.

The act of looking at what we love, remembering what we love, connects us delicately to the underground streams we are seeking to reach ~ Julia Cameron, The Sound of Paper

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