Streams of Connectedness

Some places are not everyday.

They are places of voyaging and adventure, of pilgrimage and retreat.

They are not (generally) available to us in an everyday kind of way – and nor perhaps should they be.

Practice is though.

There are practices that we can repeat in an everyday kind of way: here, there and everywhere.
The practices of:

  • Stepping outside, walking and wondering.
  • Keeping your eyes open, for possibility, and invitation.
  • Taking photographs to better learn from what you see.
  • Listening out for fragments of poems.
  • Letting the words tumble and fall till you find the phrase or the form for the essence of a moment, the magic of a minute drifting by.

It’s those practices that connect us:

To those places, to those moments, to each other, to ourselves.

It’s those practices that connect us back:

To the landscapes of the imagination.

The act of looking at what we love, remembering what we love, connects us delicately to the underground streams we are seeking to reach ~ Julia Cameron, The Sound of Paper

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