I wasn’t sure I would find snowdrops on the island, a place with so few trees, but here they were, tucked away amongst the muddy paths of the castle grounds, waiting to have their picture taken.

snowdrops, castle grounds


Every year, in the third week of February, there is a day, or more usually a run of days, when one can say for sure that the light is back […] the light spills into the world

Kathleen Jamie, Sightlines
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afternoon light, loch erisort

We are enjoying a run of days not just of light but of hour after hour of bright, glorious sunshine. With the seascapes the way that they are here, it’s enough to make you gasp, enough to make you forget yourself in nothing but light and a picnic and the feel of the sand beneath you and sound of the waves on the shore.

west coast picnic spot


Walking back from the picnic the machair at Northton was full of lapwings, scores of them, the land was dotted with them, the sky was singing with them, forty or fifty rising up at once in front of us, spilling flashes of black and brilliant white in their acrobatics, till the heart was bursting full with it, spilling song, spilling poems, spilling light.

harris hills

3 Replies to “Spilling Light

  1. I’m so glad you found your snowdrops. February in your blog wouldn’t have been the same without them. I hope Jane finds this post – it’d make her heart sing. What a breathtaking place to picnic in. No wonder your heart spills over to bursting, living in your own little bit of heaven.

    • I was glad of the snowdrops too Janice, though I was too close to work (and in my work clothes) to be able to get close enough to take their pictures properly! (I don’t want people to think I’m too crazy… not for a while yet anyway 😉 ). Harris is stunningly beautiful in sunlight, it’s almost beyond what you can find the words for. To be honest I’m kind of glad we live in a bit of the island that’s a bit more rocky and subdued… and off the beaten track. I’m not sure I could live with such jaw-dropping loveliness on an everyday basis!

  2. Sorry for the reply to a reply, but your comment gave me a Yes, exactly!moment. I used to feel like that living in Greece; part of me was scared that I might somehow get used to it so that it increasingly took more and more to take my breath away every day.

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