Sometimes the timings all work out right.

Your day off falls on the day before the rain returns, the last of the glorious sunshine weather.

Your planned expedition comes in the hours before that demon, the common cold, starts tickling in your throat, before you’re rendered dozing and thick headed (without the brains to think about blogging).

Sometimes walks are just the right length and you start at just the right time, so you’re at a perfect spot when it’s time for a picnic, with a spectacular view, and out of the wind.

Sometimes days are full of light and sunshine and new born lambs jumping in delight beside the walls of an old church, with skylarks singing in the breeze.

Here are some photos from my most recent one of those times.

picnic spot
Lewis coastline
west coast waves
holiday season

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  1. Breathtakingly beautiful! Visiting Lewis in spring is now in my wishlist. (I’m guessing it’s too cold for midges?) Thank you – and get well soon! PS Your website renders beautifully in my new phone, bright and fresh like a breath of sea air.

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