I want to write a poem about the world with nothing fancy,
nothing more than the hum of bees,
dashing past, declaring summer,
nothing more than the rushing of the river,
the occasional plop! as water hits stone,
or a fish leaps for flies,
nothing more than the rustle of the wind,
moving through the full leaf oak
like a wave
nothing more than the percussion of familiar –
a chainsaw in the distance,
the cry of sheep,
the rumble of a tractor on the hill,
nothing more than the silent dance of
two white butterflies
turning and dancing and
caught in the music of this moment
no, nothing more than this,
the unromantic cheep of birds I do not know,
while butterflies dance to the glug of fish in water,
the hum of bees and tree crescendo
as the tractor rumbles distant on the hill.


The piece was prompted by the first line of a poem by Mary Oliver, This World, in Why I Wake Early. (We share the first line.)

2 Replies to “Nothing More, or the Sound of Enough

  1. Beautiful, moving, accessible and as layered and deep as any reader might need or want it to be, despite its deceptive simplicity.

    And frustrating; if I had any power, audience or influence, I’d do what I could to ensure you became one of our country’s most loved and famous poets. I know I say it often, but despite my annoying wordiness and perhaps cloying admiration of your work, my enjoyment of your talent is authentic.

    I’m grateful you still curate and share your photos and writing; I also appreciate the care with which you hone your choice of webthemes to enhance the powerful clarity and simplicity of your work.

    • I don’t know how you manage to find these things in the archive Janice! I never know what you’ll bring to the surface next 🙂 Thank you so much for your kind words. I don’t know where my writing has gone just now – it’s deep underground that’s for sure – but I have always wanted my words to be plain and simple… at least on the surface, as you say.

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