The macro lens has changed the way I view the world, for ever, and for good.

The macro lens lets me see things like this.

Silver Starburst

Oh, I know.

It’s just a common or garden flower of the wayside, of the fields, of the hedgerows.

Some might say it’s a weed.

It’s just a ribwort plantain – you’ll have seen them too, a hundred times, a thousand times, mooching along by the roadside, by the wayside.

But this is the first year I have really seen them, really noticed them.

Only the blackness at first, the shape emerging.

Then this burst into flower.

This starburst.

The macro lens lets me see the world differently, lets me see, lets me notice.

Technology lets me edit and sift the images, lets me crop and chose the best, lets me play with the image (with programmes that are simple, and easy, and free) so I can express at least something of the dreamy wonder I feel as I wander in the waysides, in the roadsides, in the hedgerows.

As I wander, as I wonder, just noticing, just watching the most common or garden plant, as it turns into a starburst.

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