The days are stretching, the skies on my drive home alive with light and a last burst of colour. I am learning the places where I might safely watch, and notice.

last light

The sun was so bright on Friday that the world turned brilliant blue. We didn’t seem to have the words for it. ”Did you see how blue it was today?” ”I know, it was just so blue.”

blue loch


The Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year awards were announced this week. The pictures are stunning. They make me want to:

get outside!
climb hills!
look after this most beautiful planet!

(And boost my motivation not just to take but to share my photos.)


Beautiful as countless landscapes of this island might be, sometimes it looks just like this.

Lewis skyline

And talks straight to the soul.

2 Replies to “Landscape Mode

  1. Stunning photos – thank you! How long does it take you to get home when there’s all this to drink in on the way back from work? There’s definitely a quality of light Lewis shares with Greece. I smiled at “…safely watch” – I can imagine it can get a bit more dangerous than just tripping over things and bumping into folk when looking up at city skylines.

    • I generally try and only stop once Janice, and actually it is quite hard to find a place that is both safe and opens up the good views. There are some stunning views that you see when driving but at points when you unfortunately have to keep your eyes on the road!

      Hopefully over time I will find other good spots and detours – I’m looking forward to figuring out where the best sunset spots are as the year progresses.

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