There wasn’t much time in Skye for walking, but I did have a few spare hours midweek when we were granted a rest from language learning.

Not wanting to waste time in the car, I headed south for a few miles, then walked to the edge – always these edges!
It was warm enough to paddle, just.

When I stopped to dry off my feet, I turned back to look at the water, and watched my footsteps, returning to the sea.

4 Replies to “Footprints in the Sand

  1. Lovely! I’d so like to be there, but your images are a great substitute – I can almost feel the coolness of the water as the waves lap gently over my feet.

  2. What a moment to have captured, the essence of being fully present and yet so completely and utterly transient. The light in those footprints is magical! I love your liminal sea photos best of all. Like Gilly, I can almost feel the water (icy, I’m sure!) and hear the waves.

    • Thank you Janice. If only I could find a way to be always by the sea!

      (This one, I know you know.)

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