already turning
to seed
the dandelions
in my notebook
after this long silence

I took a break from here which turned into a little longer than expected.

And then, as happens when you take a break from blogging (and which is why in truth it’s better just to keep on going and shift position as you go) it became harder to come back again.

Somehow you wish for some grand insight, some truth you’d hauled to the surface during your time away, while in reality I just have most of the same old questions, and a reminder of the same old truth that the art of practice is simply being willing enough, and humble enough, to begin again, again.

without the words
to begin again
I watch an orange-tip
carve a passage
through the sun

8 Replies to “Beginning Again, Again

  1. Beautiful! I’m glad you’re back, though you were only as far away as the sun is when it’s night time somewhere else. How can we ever know how much living has to be lived before a lovely line of poetry or a beautiful photo emerges? The absences, the refilling of the spirit, the mindfulness and brightening of the mind’s eye before life and awareness align are as much a part of our creativity as the editing, curating and cutting away we do afterwards. I know it’s a cliché, but it’s the silences between the notes that make the music.

    I love the reinstated theme; this one was always one of my favourites for its quietly confident, unassuming clarity and simplicity. It makes your work shimmer.

    • Thank you Janice. There are many different kinds of tine as you know, some draining and some replenishing. I guess like good old trees we stand and grow through them all.

  2. Glad to see you back, Joanna. I don’t dare take a break, I know returning would be very difficult. When I have too much to do, my husband asks why I don’t just skip the blog this week. But I know myself … the slippery slope … Know this, Joanna, the world is a better place with your photography and poetry. I thought of you today as I attempted a Scottish recipe I’ll be posting tomorrow. Wondered if you’d ever had it.

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