There are lots of different ways of thinking about photography.

Sometimes these ideas and theories grab my attention, other times they leave me feeling vaguely baffled.

Sometimes I think it’s not really photography that I’m interested in at all, only what it is that I notice as a result of walking with a camera.

And that, for me, is and always has been the natural world.

You don’t need a camera for this of course but the practice of looking out has certainly changed things for me, making you more likely to notice patterns, movement, light.

To notice and appreciate the look of the natural world, in all its different guises, over and over.

4 Replies to “Back to the Source

  1. Yes! – that’s how it is for me too. If I never took a photograph again, I’d still have what it’s given me in terms of seeing things I never would have done before.

    • It’s interesting isn’t it Gilly, how the sustained practice of seeing means eventually you see differently, even without a camera. It’s a gift!

  2. I’m late here Joanna, but I just had to add my total agreement with you and Gilly. It’s great to discover new ways of seeing the things I love, and even the things I don’t love so much.

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