more than ever we need people willing to pause and listen, to open their hearts to what is uncomfortable, and to hold space and attention until the new thing emerges

~ Christine Valtners Paintner

Every so often, mainly on a Sunday, I think about writing something here. It can’t be that hard I think: just a title, a photograph, some words. A way back in, opening the door, back into your own space.

Sometimes I find a title, and sometimes a photo, and sometimes the fragments of some words, but even so, I don’t get beyond.

It’s something to do with the seeming size of the task, to find something worth saying, a practice worth practicing in the face of all the… the sheer weight of all the stuff that’s going on out there, day in, day out, relentless, remorseless.

It’s something to do with the shininess of the modern web, its gloss and promise. I miss the scruffiness of the human web I used to know, the home-made sites, the people sharing words and worlds without pretence at knowing.

Yet still in the turning away from so many things I do not wish to list, still there is a turning towards even if the shape of the new thing is unknown.

It’s not (for me) Art, or Writing, or Photography, but still something in this space between the lines that blogging offered / offers: unpolished, not knowing, open, human, connecting, here.

I fear I am not close to finding half the words I wish to, but also do not wish to let another Sunday pass away without some claiming back of space, some way of saying that even as we turn away and further keep on turning – we can still turn towards: unpolished, unknowing, open, human, here.

With thanks to Christine at the Abbey of the Arts for sharing ‘Mystical Hope and the New Thing‘ including the reminder to keep practicing, together and the nudge to me to keep going.

5 Replies to “Away and Towards

  1. So good to hear from you! I miss reading blogs. I miss the stories and getting to know a little about the writer. I’ve neglected my own blog, but hope to get back to it and keep it more current.

  2. How lovely to see and hear you posting again. Your words resonate with me as I have not blogged for an age and my photos, the ones that really mean something to me and echo around me with fragmented words attached to them, seem to get lost somehow.

  3. Joanna – I do understand the struggle. My want to share words remains, although but media and, more importantly for me, the tones of interaction seem to have changed quite a bit. I find myself wanting to connect, but not wanting to put myself out there into jostling and jousting modes of conversation that I’m not really wanting to engage in. I’ve been thinking of alternate ways of sharing all the new things I’m seeing, reading, and experiencing, but haven’t really explored them very deeply. I find myself, as I do now, just shaking my head. So, I suppose people may miss me, as much as I miss them (and you!). Thank you for these words and sharing your uncertainty. I guess we’ll keep muddling through …

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