The weather has been turning.

After weeks of gentle sunshine, autumn shook itself into winter with winds and rain.

Suddenly the trees are bare, silhouette gorgeous, and reminding me again how much I love the aesthetics of winter, if not the absence of light.

Yesterday we had a first scattering of snow, and the leaves and late flowers were touched at the edges with frost.

Out in the world, it’s hard not to feel like we’re in a winter season. Things can seem very dark.

It’s hard for any of us to make any sense of it. I don’t think there’s sense to be made of it.

It often feels discordant to keep focusing on beauty, on the soft loveliness of the world in the face of such harshness, such darkness, but also wrong to stop, and an affirmation of something important to keep saying otherwise.

6 Replies to “A Touch of Frost

  1. If we do not focus on the soft light loveliness Joanna, we may be overwhelmed by the darkness. Isn’t it similar to that saying which goes something like – evil prevails when good men do or say nothing?

    • I think you’re right Jane, but the times are certainly dark just now! I hope it’s creeping into spring at any rate for you, and all that light returning.

    • Sarah, I do agree with you, but I have to work at it to get to that place – perhaps that in itself is no bad thing, it adds to the affirmation in the end.

  2. I like this post very much Joanna. I felt myself beginning to succumb to the darkness in the days of this month but soon realised I needed to pay conscious attention to all the beauty in the world, for my own sanity as well as for the world itself.

    • Yes I think that’s it Jacqui, paying conscious attention, even when, particularly when it feels so hard. Always great to hear from you and know you’re still taking photographs of this beautiful world!

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