a pine above the car park first the male and then the female blackbird

cyclists in lycra all along the towpath the scent of cow parsley

late sunlight on the surface of the canal the splash of a swallow

red spots on a yellow leaf beside the bramble flowers, lit by sun

bird seed, pigeons and a pair of jackdaws in Bathgate, Sunday morning

Whitburn Cross roadworks again and again the swoop of a house martin

2 Replies to “6 American Sentences from July

  1. Exquisite. The photos, the new theme, the site title, the American Sentences… just when I thought the site couldn’t get more essential, you’ve done it again. You’ve captured the essence of these fleeting moments with such elegant power and immediacy, I was reminded of William Carlos Williams and haiku while still feeling firmly grounded in my own experience of Scotland. So much clear, uncluttered space for us to engage with what you’ve noticed. As always, I check in here when I log back on after time spent offline. Seeing your work evolve always makes me glad I did.

    • Hello Janice, I’m always amazed that you manage to find and notice the things I add and change even when not declaring to the world that I’m still here 😉 finding it hard to blog, a bit beyond me to be honest, but I am quite happy with how the site looks… for now. Thanks for popping over to see. Hope to see you back blogging too soon.

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